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Hi! I'm Aitsam (اعتصام), a Software Engineer based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I prioritize client collaboration, fostering open communication
I'm very flexible with time zone communications
I constantly try to improve
My tech stack
Tech enthusiast with a passion for development.
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Currently learning RUST to increase my skillset
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Kind words from satisfied clients

  • Aitsam's attention to detail and precision in his work are truly commendable. He is not one to shy away from voicing his concerns if he believes something is not up to par. His ability to work independently on his assignments has made it an absolute pleasure to collaborate with him. I have no doubt that Aitsam's expertise and dedication to his craft will continue to benefit any team he is a part of, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a valuable asset to any organization seeking a skilled and conscientious front-end developer.
    Stefano GalassiHead of Data Engineering - GoToko
  • I just want to say, Aitsam has a good determination, fast learner and be able to working in face-pace working environment as software engineer. Recommended for you all if willing to working closely with him in the near of future.
    Fury Oktria PutraProduct Owner - GoToko
  • I worked together with Aitsam on a project for a year. He is very well-versed in Javascript and loves to dive deep into the details of how everything works. Although he worked as a frontend engineer, it was always fun to discuss ideas with him across the whole stack and his insight in team meetings was always very valuable.
    Farooq AzamCTO - XIOTS (Formerly CreativeKhan)
  • I have worked with Aitsam Ahad for almost 1 year. He has excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills. I really enjoy all our discussions to solve problems that we encounter when working on our projects. He shows a strong sense of ownership for his work. Beside that, he also has a deep understanding of front end development technologies and best practices. Its been nice working on several Next.js projects with him over these several months.
    Putu Harum BawaProject Lead - GoToko
  • Aitsam is such a delightful person to have around. He is a great programmer and development guru with a rich experience and extensive knowledge about programming. He is innovative, organized as well as helpful and is always open to ideas and suggestions.. It was a pleasure to be working with him.
    Saif KhanSenior Software Engineer - Systems Limited

My work experience

My approach

Planning & Strategy

We'll collaborate to map out your website's goals, target audience, and key functionalities. We'll discuss things like site structure, navigation, and content requirements.

Development & Progress Update

Once we agree on the plan, I cue my lofi playlist and dive into coding. From initial sketches to polished code, I keep you updated every step of the way.

Development & Launch

This is where the magic happens! Based on the approved design, I'll translate everything into functional code, building your website from the ground up.